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Company Profile

Tranquillity, trust, solidity and specialization are the qualities on which Napoleon Tour Operator has always characterized his programming and his way of placing himself on the market, even though limiting itself on Isle of Elba, Tuscany Coast, Sardinia and Corsica.
Napoleon Tour Operator was founded in 1984 as booking office for individual and group stays. Today it boasts a very respectable position on the domestic and foreign tourism market. More than thirty years dedicated to tourism management allowed Napoleon Tour Operator to acquire an increasing preparation in the field of organization and management of the holidays at the sea.
Our offices are located in a 1.000 mq building, where more than fifty employees operate.
The only Tour Operator that treats among its destinations also the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago which have accommodation facilities (the catalogue of Elba Island has been enriched over the years by structures located on the Giglio Island and in Capraia).
The presence of the Napoleon Tour Operator on the tourist market has consequently increased from year to year thanks to the new destinations proposed over time. In view of the results achieved with the catalogue “Isle of Elba”, we chose to land on the continent and propose as a supplementary destination to holidays in the Tuscan Archipelago also the Tuscany Coast with the catalogue “Sea of Tuscany” and then to add also “Sardinia” and “Corsica” to the destinations.
The care given to these destinations is always the same: careful choice of locations and facilities through a selection made directly in the holiday places. All the structures in the Napoleon catalogues have been personally viewed by us, so that reliability, seriousness and the professionalism of the proposals and services offered are always guaranteed.
For elite customers we propose a selection of the best facilities on the entire program in the catalogue "Holidays with Style, only four and five stars".
The Napoleon Tour Operator has about 5.600 beds per day divided into about 500 accommodation facilities that sells on Elba Island, Tuscany and Sardinia.
The excellent location of the Napoleon Tour Operator on the holiday market is also the result of the great economic commitment to the realization and printing of the catalogues: “Isle of Elba, Capraia and Giglio”, “Sea of Tuscany”, “Sardinia”, “Holidays with Style, only four and five stars” and “Confidential Groups”.
A big branch of our tourist activity, comes from the Groups Department, which every year on the low and middle season, organizes the arrival of over 1000 coaches of Italian and foreign visitors, consisting of elderly, adults, school groups and hikers.
The programs we develop for our groups and the structures we selected are presented in the sector fairs in which the Napoleon Tour Operator assiduously participates. The events dedicated to the tourism sector are many, both in Italy and abroad and we believe that the participation in these events is fundamental for the development of the many and different products managed and/or treated directly.